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INSPIRED by the latest findings of comfort living we created the NUUCH concept townhouses with characteristics very similar to those of the new single family homes with a NUUCH enchanting plus. Our two story townhouses have their own private pool and balcony, as well as ventilated bathrooms and a private garden. All of our townhouses have a corner orientation that allows the user to experience the most wonderful views.

Every apartment leads to an interior patio that merges our whole community inviting the user to experience the feeling that WE ALL BELONG IN PARADISE.

RIVIERA MAYA and specifically Tulum, is among the first top class tourist destinations worldwide. Nuuch is undoubtedly the perfect real estate project, it has been design to take the user to a jungle paradise while still enjoying the best of exclusivity, privacy and luxury.

NUUCH offers its owners a lock-off system integrat-ed into the apartments that, under a vacation rental scheme, it definitely guarantees large investment returns. In Nuuch your investment is guaranteed.

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